Equine Assisted Psychotherapy




I am certified to practice the EAGALA model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (horses helping people). This is known to be useful in supporting trauma related issues (including PTSD), challenging behaviours, depression & anxiety.




The EAGALA model (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association) means that we work as a team which includes a registered mental health professional, a certified equine specialist and the horse(s).




As a member of EAGALA, I follow the Professional Standards and Code of Ethics of this organisation. Our  work always takes place on the ground (no riding), using a client focused, solution orientated approach.


NB. I am available to work on an ad hoc basis with equine specialists requiring an MH partner.


£80-£100 per hour (includes fees for two practitioners plus horses)



Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Mike Delaney – working with addictions, UK

Changeways – Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in Cumbria

Two Ash Stables – Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in Derbyshire

EAGALA in practice –  working with young people, US



Sundance Ranch, Portugalnot Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, but nonetheless a place of sanctuary and solace where horses are supported to live in a natural environment. Courses in Natural Horsemanship and Western Riding, based on the philosopy of Freedom Based Training, a unique way of experiencing the human-horse relationship on equal terms.