What is therapy?

The aim of counselling/therapy is to provide an opportunity for you (as the client) to work towards living in a more satisfying and resourceful way.

People who have found the therapeutic process helpful are those who:

  • may be facing times of change in their life, their personal relationships or work situations
  • may be coming to terms with loss or bereavement, who perhaps have feelings of depression, loneliness or emptiness
  • may be coming to terms with traumatic experiences, whether in the past or more recently, who perhaps have feelings of hopelessness or rage
  • need some space to enable them to think about personal issues, to help make sense of things that have happened or are happening to them

The way I work

Psychodynamic therapy recognises and values the significance of past experience in relation to the present, as well as connections between a person’s internal and external world. The potential of the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor is also utilised.

Using the psychodynamic approach, I aim to listen carefully to what you say and, in response, help you to think about and make links between events and themes in your life. My role is not to advise you, rather to work with you and support you to discover your own solutions.

It may not be that your issues are resolvable, but it may be possible for you to find a way for them to feel more manageable.

To make an appointment text 07880 510496 or email adelastockton@gmail.com

Psychodynamic Networks & Resources

Human Development Scotland (HDS)

Psychodynamic Thinking (APPCIOS)

Sutherland Trust

Some evidence supporting psychodynamic therapy