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‘Gaslighting’: when your Protector becomes your Persecutor

The way we learn about relating to other people, as well as to ourselves, is through our early relationships, usually with our mother or other primary caregiver. As babies, we are hard wired to connect as soon as we are … Continue reading

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Counselling for perinatal mental health & wellbeing – is it for you

This is an edited version of the original blogpost kindly published by PNDandMe. Counselling is a generic term used to cover a number of approaches to talking therapy including psychodynamic, person centred, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), humanistic and TA (transactional … Continue reading

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Supervision for doulas?

As a qualified practising counsellor, it is a requirement that I undertake ongoing supervision to the tune of approximately 1:12 hours of clinical practice. The recommendation is set in place by the professional bodies with which I am affiliated, the … Continue reading

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Transition – the time in between

It is often the case that the decision to come to counselling is made at the cusp of a life transition. Recognising the moment that sets off this transition can be hard to pinpoint however. It may begin with a … Continue reading

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Walking the Line

It has been suggested that we all walk a fine line between sanity and insanity. Sufferers of mental ill health blog about it, authors write memoirs and rappers just rap about it. Artists describe cycles of creativity and madness, a … Continue reading

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Birth Trauma – the psychodynamics of ruptured relationship

The time around the birth of a baby is momentous. It is the start of a new relationship, one that is likely to be significant to you forever. Usually anticipated as a joyful event, being pregnant, giving birth and becoming … Continue reading

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