Young People 16-24yrs

As a young adult it is likely that you’re  facing new pathways in life. Maybe leaving home, starting college/university or work. Perhaps involved in a first committed relationship or going through a painful break up.

Whatever’s happening, this can be a time for exploring your identity in the wider world, meeting new people, testing out new things, finding out more about yourself and what’s right for you.

Whether it seems like an adventure or just something you have to do, it is possible that some difficult feelings will come up for you along the way or that you may experience situations that leave you feeling vulnerable.

For some young people this can result in feeling a bit out of control and overwhelmed, perhaps making you anxious, low or angry or otherwise affecting your mental health. You may find yourself using strategies such as recreational drugs, alcohol or self harm to try to cope.

At this time, reaching out for the support of family and trusted friends can be a lifeline. But what about if things are not good at home and this kind of support it not available to you? Or you don’t want or feel able to say how you’re feeling to your friends?

Finding another adult, such as a trained counsellor or mentor figure, can be a helpful way forward. A trusted older person who you feel you can talk to, someone who can act as a kind of ‘anchor’ for you while you navigate the stormy seas of your thoughts and feelings, until you feel stronger and steadier to manage these on your own again.

If counselling is something you’d like to explore, its worth knowing that there are many different counsellors and ways of counselling out there.

images-2Choosing the right person is important, ideally, someone who ‘gets’ you. Someone you feel you can build a trusting relationship with, someone who listens carefully to you and supports you to find your own way through what you are experiencing, rather than just telling you what to do.

What about cost?

You can access free or low cost counselling through some local agencies and private counsellors. It can be useful to try out a few counsellors before deciding on who is right for you. You may be able to work with him/her in the longer term, meaning you have a chance to explore the reasons behind your difficulties. This may help with managing any future mental health issues that might come up for you again.

Research tells us that if you’re taking anti-depressants, having counselling at the same time gives you a better chance of more permanently feeling better in yourself.

Using the psychodynamic approach, I offer two low cost places for young people aged 16-24yrs at £5 per session. This fee is available for those who do not have any financial support to pay for therapy from family members, friends or employers. It is usually possible to give you an appointment within 1-2 weeks.

You can contact me by email here, general enquiries are always welcome.